How to Prepare For An Open House

An Open House can be an integral part of selling a home. Not every home is a candidate for an Open House due to factors like market conditions, location or condition. But if you are able and planning to have an Open House, here are some helpful hints to ensure you have the most successful Open House on the block.

Some tips on how to schedule the perfect Open House:

  1. In most communities, Sunday afternoon is typical and expected.
  2. Two hours is also typical for length.
  3. Avoid conflicts with holidays, community celebrations, or special events such as the Super Bowl.
  4. If possible, try to be aware of the weather forecast, although this may be difficult to do.

Once you have your Open House scheduled, there are some things you can do prior to your Open House to help it succeed. Here are some things to consider doing at least one week prior to your first Open House:

  1. Host a brokers’ only Open House. Agents and brokers will preview your home and identify possible buyers they may already have for your home.
  2. Make your home look as large as possible by moving large pieces of furniture into storage. Spacious is always better when it comes to prospective buyers, who then can imagine the space being filled in the ways that they would want.
  3. Remove items not included in the sale. Remove the chandelier you got for a wedding present and the bookcase that fits so perfectly it looks built-in. If buyers don’t see it, they won’t want it. Otherwise, they likely will.
  4. Make arrangements for your pets to leave the house when it is being shown.

Some more things you can do two to three days before your first Open House:

  1. Clean the house top to bottom. Get in every nook and cranny, wipe down the walls, window sills, vacuum the corners and baseboards and yes wash those windows.
  2. Clean and buff your appliances, including the stove inside and out.
  3. Launder all the bedding, towels, rugs and other fabrics in your home.
  4. Touch up spots on the walls.
  5. Mow the lawn, sweep the sidewalks out front, and clean up the bushes and flowers.
  6. If applicable, sweep and clean out the garage.

Finally, some preparations you will want to make 24 Hours before the Open House:

  1. Air out the house by opening the windows.
  2. Make sure your home smells delicious by baking cookies, bread or apple pie. Offer these treats, if at all possible, so your guests won’t be hungry.
  3. Go through each room one by one and try to look for last minute fixes.
  4. Add an arrangement of flowers. Fake flowers are fine, in case visitors have allergies.

We hope that these tips will help you to have the best Open House your neighborhood has ever seen!