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Bathroom Update Tips

Investing in bathroom upgrades gives you excellent return on your money when you sell. If you’re thinking of a bathroom renovation, here are some tips to consider.hr3457650-26

  • Upgrade the lighting. If you have the space and budget, move the above-the-mirror lighting to eye-level, flanking the mirror This gives you more flattering and useful lighting for putting on makeup or shaving.
  • Replace the toilet. Go with a toilet with a dual flush feature. Also keep in mind: more exotic features mean it will be harder or more expensive to find replacement parts when you need them. Are there tiny crevices on the bottom of the toilet? Those add cleaning time.
  • Skip the spa tub. Most spa tub owners do not use them nearly enough to justify the investment. They are also notoriously time-consuming to clean.
  • Resurface the tub. Have chips in your porcelain tub, or want to change out that pink tub in your master bath? Save money by having it resurfaced. Resurfacing a porcelain tub costs as little as 10% of the price of replacing it.
  • Upgrade the vanity. Replace the vanity with an upgraded model altogether. Or, to save some money, consider updating the hardware, adding a new countertop and upgrading the fixtures on your existing vanity.
  • Low-flow shower fixtures. One great water-saving feature to look for is a temperature gauge. The gauge automatically slow the water flow to a trickle one the water reaches a set temperature, so you don’t waste water. Normal flow is engaged with a switch.
  • Glass. Transparent glass doors are all the rage right now. Replacing a shower curtain or railed shower doors with a glass panel is pricey, but offers attractive, clean lines (and no need to clean grimy rails)!

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SOLD! 17 Wachusett Road in Worcester, MA

1186547_2The Sell My MetroWest Home team sold another one!

We sold this home at 17 Wachusett Street in Worcester for $$320,000 on May 29th. Not only did the Sell My MetroWest home team represent the seller in this transaction, we also represented the buyer. We connected with the buyer through one of our online platforms, which just goes to show how important online marketing is for real estate. As you can see, now is THE time to sell. Don’t wait – if you’ve been thinking of selling your home, now is the time!

Looking to sell your home this spring? Experience the difference of working with the Sell My MetroWest Home team! We offer professional interior design consultation, professional photography, & a full-time marketing team that specializes in online marketing to get your home SOLD. It’s a new world & you deserve a team that offers old school work ethic with new age sales experience. 

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SOLD! 3 Delancy Drive in Plymouth, MA

The Sell My MetroWest Home team has sold another one!IS52dlwebee9af0000000000

We sold this home at 3 Delancy Drive in Plymouth for $264,900 on May 29th and we were able to bring in a lot of interest through our marketing of the home. As you can see, now is THE time to sell. Don’t wait – if you’ve been thinking of selling your home, now is the time!

Looking to sell your home this spring? Experience the difference of working with the Sell My MetroWest Home team! We offer professional interior design consultation, professional photography, & a full-time marketing team that specializes in online marketing to get your home SOLD. It’s a new world & you deserve a team that offers old school work ethic with new age sales experience. 

Browse our website for more information, or give us a call at 508-243-5015 for a free, no-hassle marketing consultation!

Just Listed – 1102 Pine Brook Drive in Peabody, MA – $362,500

Bright Townhouse Condo For Sale

Market Stats

Main Features
2 Bedrooms
2 Bathrooms
1 Half Bathroom
Interior: 2,370 sqft
Year Built: 1989
1102 Pine Brook Drive
Peabody, MA 01960

Robert Brown

Robert Brown

REMAX Executive
(508) 243-5015

Listed by: Robert Brown

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How to Prepare For An Open House

An Open House can be an integral part of selling a home. Not every home is a candidate for an Open House due to factors like market conditions, location or condition. But if you are able and planning to have an Open House, here are some helpful hints to ensure you have the most successful Open House on the block.

Some tips on how to schedule the perfect Open House:

  1. In most communities, Sunday afternoon is typical and expected.
  2. Two hours is also typical for length.
  3. Avoid conflicts with holidays, community celebrations, or special events such as the Super Bowl.
  4. If possible, try to be aware of the weather forecast, although this may be difficult to do.

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Why Home Sellers Need Social Media Marketing

Wooden mannequins pushing puzzle pieces into the right place

Everyone is talking about social media marketing, but believe it or not, many real estate professionals are doing it. The numbers say it works, but the competition has yet to embrace the tech-savvy marketing that can only benefit their sellers. Recent studies show that social media does influence the products and services that we buy quite a bit.

Traditionally, the number one way to market homes on the market has always been word-of-mouth advertising. However, now social media has given home seekers power to buy according to what their family and friends like. Social media marketing has become a sort word-of-mouth marketing “on steroids.”

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4 Things that Make a Buyer Buy A Home

There are plenty of guides available on the internet and elsewhere to the secrets of selling a home. Some of the improvements in these guides would seem to be out of reach for some budgets. However, it cannot be overstated that the return on investment for many improvements can in fact be quite high. Here are four of the major things that home buyers will look for when they are weighing whether or not to buy your home for sale.

1. A Welcoming Entryway

Curb appeal can never be overstated. That is, of course, because a beautiful entrance leaves a lasting impression. You never get a second chance at a first impression. Therefore, entryways are extremely important when trying to impress a buyer. There are so many guides to enhancing your entryway – and for very little money. Many of these can be found on Pinterest, Houzz, and other free home improvement idea resources. Even spending just a few hundred dollars (or even less if need be), you can increase the chances of selling your home by an incredible margin.

2. Hardwood Floors

You may have heard that hardwood floors never go out of style. This is actually rather true, as they have longevity. Potential home buyers will never have to worry about dirty carpets or residuals left over from pets they may be allergic to. Buyers who want to put down carpet themselves will have the freedom to do just that. But having good looking hardwood floors leaves an excellent impression to those touring your house. Therefore, when you hear all those home improvement shows extol the virtues of hardwood floors, they’re right.

3. Closet Organizers

Closet organizers make closets look bigger and buyers always love storage. Who doesn’t want to be reassured that there will be a place for their stuff? Plain closets with just one clothing rod and shelf will leave potential buyers wondering where to put all their stuff. Closets with a variety of storage shelving and options are much more desirable. This is true for all closets, not just in the bedroom areas.

4. Green Grass

Green grass shows prospective buyers on how the home has been maintained. Buyers are drawn to green spaces with a flat, open lawn. While prepping a lawn for staging can be time consuming, it’s not outrageously expensive. Plus it adds to the first impressions of prospective buyers. Squares of grass are fairly affordable if you’d rather not spend time on seeding and sprouting.

Convincing potential buyers to purchase a home is more about presentation and less about talking. Think about the things you might desire in a potential home to help you decide which things to enhance. As stated, organization, open space, and well-maintained yards and floors will go a long way in showing prospective buyers a home has potential.

Should Sump Pumps Scare Away Potential Home Buyers?


Recently, we have been marketing a property that is very close to the waterfront and that is also right down the street from a local pond. Because of the proximity to so much water, it’s not surprising that the basement of this attractive, large 4-bedroom home tends to flood on occasion. Because of this, there are two sump pumps installed in the basement to combat this issue. However, also because of this, these pumps are scaring off potential buyers – who clearly do not want to deal with this sort of maintenance.

In every other way, however, this property is aggressively priced and is an amazing value in a nice town in a great neighborhood. So should this little inconvenience of possible basement flooding be this big a deal, especially in a 4-bedroom, 2.5-bathroom home priced to sell? There are plenty of ways to deal with potential basement floods, of course, but it does make the prospect of finishing said basements difficult, which can turn off prospective buyers.

But you have to weigh the positives versus the negatives in this case. The pumps are already there, which means that there is something home buyers don’t have to purchase. Yes, some maintenance may be required, but having relatively new pumps does defray some of the cost of having to deal with this inconvenience. It must be understood that if you want a property in such close proximity to so much water, this is simply something that must be dealt with.

If you found a home that you loved, but discovered that there was a high probability of basement flooding, how would you feel about this? Would you ask for concessions on the price or abandon the property altogether?

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

Worst Home Improvements for Your Money


You may think that any home improvement project is an investment. But when it comes to updating your home, some renovations can actually be a money pit! Here are some home updates that don’t bring a return on investment and even some that might repel future buyers.

Kitchens and Bathrooms Sell Homes, But…

As the saying goes, “Kitchens and bathrooms sell homes.” While this is true, keep it simple when renovating. Keep clean lines and neutral decor. Too much flair can turn off potential buyers. Also, upgraded appliances are your best bet if you’re looking to sell, as appliances are often a major selling point. Also, remember to consider your home and the neighborhood. Don’t put a master chef kitchen in a mid-level home. Unless a master chef is moving into your home, you will only end up losing money.

When it comes to bathrooms, you want to keep it simple, too. A bathroom can easily be updated by giving it that “hotel spa” look. Equip it with white or cream towel sets, a clean but non intrusive candle, and some new knobs on the cabinets.

Before You Go on a Magic Carpet Ride…

Before you install all brand new carpeting, keep in mind that some buyers are turned off by wall-to-wall carpeting. Many buyers today actually prefer hardwood flooring and can’t be bothered by carpeting. You are actually much better off having carpeting that is not permanent so that potential buyers can simply have it removed by dragging it out of the room. The labor involved in removing unwanted carpet can get very pricey.

Also, if you have had pets in your home, this is especially true. Buyers who have allergies to certain animals do not want to buy a home with wall-to-wall carpeting, especially if they know that pets have lived there.

Another thing to keep in mind: expensive wallpaper may be in for some regions, but most home buyers prefer painted walls. If you’re going to repaint the walls before selling your home, be sure to use clean and neutral colors. This way, if the home buyer wants to change the color, you’re making their job much easier, as they can imagine what colors they would like far more easily.

Yes, Adding a Pool is Not Going to Help Your Buyer Pool!

Some people may think that adding a swimming pool to their property will help its value. If your home already has one, that may be okay. However, keep in mind that a swimming pool can actually limit your buyer pool (pun greatly intended). Swimming pools may attract a specific subset of buyers, but they do not add any monetary value to the home. There are many buyers that simply don’t want the added expenses and hassles of maintaining a pool. Once it’s in there, no one is going to want to take it out.

If you are going to install a pool, especially if they’re popular in your particular area, an in-ground pool is most preferred. But it’s actually best that if you don’t have a pool already, let the future home owner decide if that’s what they want to do with the property.

Of course, before you ever do any home renovation project, be sure consider how it would appeal to a larger population when you go to sell your home. If you plan to stay in your home for a very long time, you can make far broader choices. But when it comes to prepping your house for sale, be as neutral and adaptable as possible.