5 Things to Ask at an Open House


  1. Why are the sellers moving? Their answer may give you an idea about how motivated the sellers are.
  2. What is the neighborhood like? The house may be perfect, but remember that you’re buying into a neighborhood. Get information on the schools, local amenities, things to do in the area, noise level and whether the property is subject to homeowner’s association dues.
  3. Have there been any offers? The answer will tell you how many other buyers you’re in competition with. If there have been offers, you may want to ask about the timeline so you can make your bid in time to be considered. The number of offers also tells you whether to submit your best offer first, or bid competitively.
  4. What are utilities like at this house? The cost of utilities can be a large chunk of your monthly expenses. Or, it may come as a pleasant surprise that the home comes with energy-efficient appliances.
  5. May I take pictures? It’s good etiquette to ask before you take pictures, particularly if the current homeowner is still living there. This is important for the homeowner’s privacy and security. If nothing else, the agent will appreciate it and you’ll be off to a good start if you decide to make an offer! Most of the times though you will not need to take pictures because the listing agent will have provided a sufficient number of photos for potential buyers in their marketing.


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